So you had somebody install a radon mitigation system in your house.  Do you know if it's properly working? Is it doing its job?  We have seen many systems that are poorly installed or designed.  There are many companies that will charge a few thousand dollars, do a quick job and never come back to make sure its still working properly years later.

If you are having doubts about the system you have in your, please call us for a Free, No Obligation Consult.  We are here to help you and we want to make sure your system continually does the job it is supposed too.

The EPA recommends that every house that has a radon system installed needs to have a Radon Test done every 2 years.  This test is to verify that the system is still doing its job of pulling the radon gases from the soil and mitigating out of the home.

Paxton Inspection Services will come to your house and inspect the following items to make sure the entire Radon Mitigation System is effectively working.

Exhaust Fan.  This unit is a major component that removes the radon gases from underneath your house and exhausts it to the outside.  When this stops working, the effectiveness of the system as a whole is diminished.

Foundation.  Have you done some remodeling on your home?  Some changes might impact the effectiveness of the radon mitigation system.

Leaks In Pipes. We will verify that there are no leaks or loss of vacuum in the system, which may allow the toxic gas to get into the living space of your home.

Cracks.  Overtime new cracks may appear in the basement floor and foundation walls.  Gaps may get wider to due soil pressure.  We will take a look and repair them for you.

System Components.  We will inspect all of the system components and make sure there in optimal working condition.

Cost Effective Protection.  Our inspection, and any recommended repairs, is very affordable.  It also smart way to make sure that your family safe.


If you currently have a Radon Mitigation System installed, and you would like a Qualified Professional Company to take a look at it, then Contact Us Today.

We will give you a Free, No Obligation Quote.